WideTEK 36 Wide Format Scanner

WideTEK 36

The innovative wide format scanner WideTEK 36 is setting new standards in performance and quality.

This very fast but astonishingly quiet colour scanner combines user friendliness, production-ready design and compact dimensions in a new class of scanners.

State of the art illumination using bright white LED lights guarantees long lifetime and best scan results at a very low noise level in spite of the high speed.
Download the WideTEK 36 Data Sheet


Illuminated by more than 1000 LEDs, it produces extraordinarily sharp images, with color accuracy even superior to many CCD scanners. Document rotation can be done without any penalty, enabling a scan of an E-sized document in portrait mode at 400 dpi in color in only 15 seconds. The same scan in 400 dpi turbo quality mode takes only 8 seconds.

  • Scans 36 inch widths, Nearly unlimited length
  • Fast Scans: 6.4 Inches per second at 200DPI
  • 1200 x 600 DPI Optical Resolution
  • Automatic Crop and Deskew
  • File Formats PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, PNM, TIFF decompressed, TIFF G4 (CCITT)

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