SunRise Apollo Microfiche Scanner


The SunRise Apollo Microfiche Scanner scans all types of fiche including Jacketed fiche (strips of microfilms in pockets), Diazo (normally copies of jacket fiche), step and repeat and Computer Output Microfilm COM. It offers a wide range of film reduction ratios, uses a high quality Nikon lens for ultra-sharp focus, is easy to setup and is of course the market leader. Our powerful ScanFlo Software interfaces with the scanner to ensure accurate capture and provide a host of settings and output formats.

Scanner Features

Wide range of film Reduction Ratios

Low reduction (7x) micro films images are large, require high film speed. High reduction (70x) micro films are very small, require low film speed.


Download the Apollo Microfiche Scanner Data Sheet

Standard Microfiche Sizes

  • Standard 6″x4″ and jumbo fiche 7″x5″ fiche are supported
  • Jacketed and COM fiche
  • Cine/comic (portrait/landscape)
  • Simples/Duplex/Multiplex
  • COM, Oil Well Logs, AB Dick
  • Microx, Step & repeat fiche

Easily Deal with Scan Motion

Random position mode for Standard fiche, to only scan images, not blank film. Row Wise continuous scan mode for fast, smooth scan of standard or COM fiche.

Low Power and Low Noise

  • Highly efficient lead screw motor drive
  • Quiet operation – No Fans

Module Features

  • X801/X811 Module Controllers
  • Fast thumbnail scan
  • Constant scan speed insured by high resolution shaft encoders
  • 24,000 encoder counts per inch
  • Fast random positioning
  • Protection Circuits – Over travel limiting
  • Title bar light option


  • High Quality Nikon 60mm Macro lens
  • Extremely sharp focus
  • F2.8 to F32 Depth of field control
  • Even backlight all camera heights
  • Accepts Extension Tubes to lower Reduction Ratio


Apollo Microfiche Performance

200 DPI

  • Jacketed Fiche: 5 rows x 14 images, 24X 200 page/min
  • COM Fiche: 15 rows x 18 images, 48X 280 pages/min

Input/Output (I/O)

  • USB 3.0/2.0: Front -2, Rear -4 plus USB-C
  • Dual Monitor output: VGA / DVI / HDMI
  • Mouse & Keyboard
  • LAN: Gigabit Ethernet


Output File Format


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