Transform Your Microfilm Library

In the modern world of magnetic data, digital files and document management, running a microfilm library isn’t the most efficient way of handling historic files. It’s time consuming and requires a lot of resources – resources that could be better employed elsewhere. Like many other organisations, you’re now looking to resolve this and are considering moving your microfilm to a digital format. In order to identify a supplier to assist you with this simply perform a Google search where there are hundreds of companies offering some form of microfilm scanning service. However, you’re not alone if you don’t fully understand what you really require, what’s being offered and what solution is right for you and your budget.

Starting The Digital Journey Together

At SunRise our philosophy is to provide the right solution, first time, every time. We strive to fully understand our customers’ needs and utilise our knowledge to form a working partnership built on trust and results. A Partnership that will release the information held on your microfilm, transform the way you use that information and ultimately save money and resources.

The first step on the journey is to understand what information you have, what microforms you use (roll film, fiche, aperture cards etc), what quantities you have and finally your goals for the future. We believe that without a complete and full understanding of your current set-up together with a vision of where you want to be the right solution is difficult to find. To do this we are very happy to meet with you and visit your library.

The scanning world is full of technical terms and acronyms that may seem daunting and difficult to understand but rest assured we will walk you through the jargon and explain in simple terms what you need and provide sample scans to show you exactly how it works.

Planning The Future Together

As part of our microfilm scanning service SunRise will work with you to provide a full project plan with time scales, costs, correct formatting, image quality and delivery methods. We can perform scanning projects at your location or at our secure scanning bureau. While your microfilm is with us, in order to provide business continuity we will action requests for information as a priority and return, in either physical or digital format, any documents needed.

As your microfilm is digitised we can deliver the information back to you in its new format in a number of methods. We can even upload it directly in to a secure location on your servers or document management system. Once all scanning is completed we can then return your physical microfilm, have it securely destroyed or provide a more cost effective way of storing it.

Take The First Step

A telephone call is all that’s required to start your digital journey. We guarantee a friendly approach from our team of experts and a solution that works perfectly. Call Steven Godfrey on 020 8255 2011 or contact us by email at [email protected] or via the Contact Form below.