More Than Just a Tagline

Scanning The World’s Microfilm is more than just the SunRise tagline – it’s a fact. If there is microfilm being scanned right now there’s an 80% chance it’s being scanned by SunRise or on one of our market leading microfilm scanners. SunRise scanners are used in more libraries, government agencies, archives, service bureaus and corporations than any other scanner in the world.

Market Leading Equipment

SunRise Imaging is the international market leader for high-performance microfilm digitising systems. The SunRise system offers flexibility and delivers superior image quality for more film formats and film challenges than any other single scanner. SunRise’s patented, continuous scanning technology allows the scanner to operate at its optimal level to achieve “high-speed” conversion for both bitonal and greyscale formats.

Our scanners are the first choice for scanning service bureaus across the globe. Due to the high quality image produced, performance consistency and superb reliability scanning bureaus favour the SunRise brand over all our competitors.

The design of our scanners enables the accurate scanning of all the common microfilm forms including roll film, microfiche and aperture cards. Due to the high speed scanning capabilities and accuracy of our scanners scanning bureaus are able to reduce their costs – making them both an operational and a financial success.

Third Party Microfilm Scanning Services

The definition of a third party in business terms is:

A third-party transaction is a business deal involving a buyer, a seller and a third party. A third party is typically a company that provides an auxiliary service not supplied by the primary provider (seller) to the end user (buyer).

In simple terms SunRise imaging perform scanning services on behalf of other scanning bureaus. Our services are sought because the original bureau does not have the equipment and/or expertise to perform the scanning service. SunRise is chosen as a preferred supplier by bureaus and document management companies because of our reputation for delivering on-time, on budget and meeting the quality standards required.

Your microfilm is valuable the information it contains is irreplaceable so when planning your next microfilm scanning project ensure you know who is scanning your microfilm. Insist on a microfilm market leader and contact SunRise directly for the best quality low cost solution.

Find Out More About Our Scanning Services

Sunrise Imaging provides a wealth of digitisation services with years of experience scanning microfilm, microfiche, roll film and all types of documents. To find out how we can assist you with your scanning project contact Sunrise Imaging today by email at [email protected], by telephone on 020 8255 2011 or via the Contact Form below.