SunRise Apollo 3-In-1 Scanning System

Scan Roll Film, Fiche and Aperture Cards With One System

Complementing our range of standalone production microfilm scanners, SunRise has designed a modular solution capable of scanning roll film, fiche and aperture cards on a single scanner. The SunRise 3-in-1 base unit can be used with either the Roll Film, Fiche or Aperture Card modules, giving it the capability of scanning at high speed any film type, however without the need to purchase additional scanners. An ideal solution for customers needing to scan multiple types of microfilm but not at the same time.



Download the Apollo 3-In-1 Scanning System Data Sheet

Modular Design With Superior Scanning Capability

The SunRise 3-in-1 scanning system consists of a Base Unit which includes: i7 powerful network ready computer, SunRise Professional and Premier film scanning applications, scanner controls, software adjustable CCD and Clear Image LED light source. Customers then have the option to purchase one, two or all three film modules, in doing so converting the base system to a multifunctional microfilm scanner, offering a greater return on your investment.

Alternatively if you need the ability to scan multiple film formats but not at the same time, then SunRise customers can take advantage of the Module Exchange Program*, offering increased flexibility however at minimal additional cost.


This unique scanning system offers a number of key benefits, including:

  • Increased flexibility
  • High speed scanning of roll film, fiche and aperture cards
  • Improved efficiencies and cost savings
  • Interchangeable with other SunRise base units
  • Single source of supply
  • Software familiarity
  • Fully covered for maintenance by one supplier

Module Exchange Program

SunRise 3-in-1 multifunctional production film scanners offer by far the best return on investment for bureaus scanning multiple film formats. Either the Apollo or the Apollo HS base units can be supplied with one or multiple film carriers providing increased flexibility at minimal cost or disruption to the business. Opt for the “Module Exchange Program” and maximise your investment by utilising the ability to exchange* your own purchased module for the type required for the film you need to scan.

By taking advantage of the Module Exchange Program SunRise users can maximise their return on investment negating the need to hire or buy additional film scanners by fully utilising the SunRise system regardless of the scanning requirement or film type being digitised.

Increase Flexibility – Reduce Costs

  • Exchange any module type *
  • Convert your scanner free of charge *
  • Maintain existing Maintenance and Support with exchanged module*
  • Maximise return on investment with increased flexibility*
  • Productivity maintained with software continuity*

* The Module Exchange Program is subject to terms and conditions – contact SunRise Imaging (EMEA) Limited for further information.

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