Book Scanning Service

SunRise makes book scanning affordable for individuals and businesses alike. Our non-destructive scanning process converts virtually any size book or document to any file format, including PDF, TIFF, JPEG and eBook. Our book scanning service is ideal for Books, Periodicals, Manuals, Documents, Log Books, Textbooks, Drawings and Technical Documents.

Our Book Scanning Service

  • We can scan any books up to A3 in size, whatever thickness
  • We can also scan in colour and in mono, dependent on the book
  • We scan any type of book from an encyclopedia to a short story! We are experienced in scanning all types of books including medical journals, laboratory notebooks and diaries
  • Our scanners are ideal for preserving the books and are popular with conservation and preservation members
  • The bureau is set up to provide bulk scanning services
  • We have a team of imaging professionals who can convert your books and documents to formats such as: single page PDF, multi page PDF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP and RAW

Scanning Books

Utilising the advanced technology of the Bookeye scanners SunRise can offer the highest standards of image quality when scanning books of all shapes and sizes. We have a large inventory of book scanners at our disposal allowing SunRise to complete projects quickly, on time and within budget.

Books can be Flatbed scanned if the book cannot have the spine cut (Destructive Scanning), or can be scanned on our fed document scanners. Destructive scanning enables the process of scanning to be completed faster and therefore slightly more cost effective.

  • Save time and money searching for paper records
  • Find digital records quickly and easily
  • Re-use office space for core business activities
  • Back up and protect your books and paperwork

With our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and over two decades of expertise, we ensure that all of your data is kept confidential, safe and secure and that all of our conversion projects are completed to the very highest quality.

  Find Out More About Book Scanning

Sunrise Imaging provides a wealth of digitisation services with years of experience scanning microfilm, microfiche, roll film and all types of documents. To find out how we can assist you with your microfilm scanning project contact Sunrise Imaging today by email at [email protected]  by telephone on 020 8255 2011 or complete the contact form below