Bookeye 4 Kiosk Book Scanner

The Bookeye 4 Kiosk is a unique self-service scanner that was specifically designed to be simple to use and provide as a self-service application with an integrated billing module. Easy, fast and affordable book scanning.

Bookeye 4 Kiosk was designed specifically as a self service book scanner or self service book copier. A casual user, from any walk of life, can quickly and easily operate this device.

In libraries, archives and other public institutions, the Bookeye 4 Kiosk is often found as an integral part of the infrastructure. Through the freely configurable touchscreen, the user interface of the scanner can be precisely matched to the requirements of the customers (and to their corporate identity).

The unique book cradle solution allows users to digitize bound documents at an optical resolution of 400 dpi and A2+ in size, by either lying them flat on the scanning bed or in the V-cradle, at an angle of 120 degrees.



Download the Bookeye 4 Kiosk Book Scanner Data Sheet

The Bookeye 4 Kiosk is the colour overhead Book Scanner formats up to A2+.

  • 400 dpi optical resolution
  • Pad holder for Tablet of Smartphone during operation with SCAN2PAD
  • Book Fold Correction
  • V-Shaped Book Cradle 120-180 degrees
  • Automatic Finger Print and Thumb removal
  • Auto Crop and Deskew


Scan2Pad enables wireless connection of the Bookeye 4 Kiosk directly to mobile devices like iPads and Android tablets. The book scanner can be operated directly from your iPad or tablets and the scanned images are available immediately on the mobile device for further processing and storage. With Bookeye 4 Kiosk and Scan2Pad, data transferred are secured via WPA2 encryption.

Scan2Pad uses the extensive functionality of the Bookeye 4 Kiosk scanner. This includes creation of PDF files, automatic size recognition of the source document, color, greyscale and black and white scanning and of course, the well known high quality image results.

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