SunRise Apollo Roll Film Scanner


The SunRise Apollo Roll Film Scanner sets the benchmark for scanning technology in the microfilm industry. It provides a wide range of film reduction ratios, scans all standard microfilm sizes, film types and features a high-quality Nikon 60mm Macro lens. Our powerful ScanFlo Software interfaces with the scanner to ensure accurate capture and provide a host of settings and output formats.

Scanner Features

Wide range of film Reduction Ratios

Low reduction (7x) micro films images are large, require high film speed. High reduction (70x) micro films are very small, require low film speed.


Download the Apollo Roll Film Scanner Data Sheet

Standard Microfilm Sizes

  • 16mm and 35mm films are supported
  • Capture two Newspaper pages side by side or mixes of sizes A,B,C,D

All Roll Film Types

  • 100 ft (30m) reels
  • 200 ft (60m) reels
  • 1000 ft (300m) reels
  • 3M Cartridges

Easily deal with Film Wind Direction

  • Scan film wound clockwise – scan outside film surface
  • Scan film wound counter clockwise – scan inside film surface

Low Power and Low Noise

  • Highly efficient reel motor drive
  • Quite operation – No Fans


Module Features

X730 Roll Film Module Controller

  • Digital Signal Processor controlling film tension
  • Gentle slack film take-up
  • Constant scan speed insured by encoder arms sensing film tension
  • Positive film control via pinch roller and capstan roller
  • Variable speed fast rewind and wind
  • Protection Circuits – Over temperature, Over current
  • Highly Efficient Driver


  • High Quality Nikon 60mm Macro lens
  • Extremely sharp focus
  • 8 to F32 Depth of field control
  • Even backlight all camera heights
  • Accepts Extension Tubes to lower Reduction Ratio
  • Condenser Lens accepts colour filters


Apollo Roll Film Performance

Apollo Film Speed

  • Max (2,000 DPI) 5.00 inches per second
  • Min (20,000 DPI) 0.25 inches per second
  • Fast forward/backward speed 5.0 inches per second

Fast Rewind/Wind speed

  • 100 ft reel – under 8 sec’s
  • 200 ft reel – under 15 sec’s
  • 1000 ft reel – under 2 minutes


24x A Size Simplex scan speed

48x Duplex A Size Duplex scan speed

Typical Reel Scan Rate

Microfilm Types Supported

Output File Format Output File Format

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