SunRise Apollo Aperture Card Scanner


The SunRise Apollo Aperture Card Scanner offers True DPI scanning and captures high quality images from aperture cards. The SunRise system is especially good at capturing fine lines and detail from maps, plans, technical and engineering drawings. Our ScanFlo software allows a variety of formats and set-up options to ensure accurate image capture and the ability to incorporate those images in to your document management system.

Scanner Features

Wide range of film Reduction Ratios

Low reduction (7x) micro films images are large, require high film speed. High reduction (70x) micro films are very small, require low film speed.


Download the Apollo Aperture Card Scanner Data Sheet

Standard Microfiche Sizes

Standard 80 column Aperture Cards are supported. Scan large images (Engineering Drawings), or several images on a grid.

Standard Hollerith Types

  • 57 columns to left, 8 columns to right of image
  • Use Hollerith fields in naming files

Auto Feed Cards

Load hundreds of cards into the feeder, and the scanner runs unattended.

Low Power and Low Noise

  • Highly efficient lead screw motor drive
  • Quiet operation – No Fans

Module Features

  • X760 Module Controller
  • Fast thumbnail scan
  • Constant scan speed insured by high resolution shaft encoders
  • 24,000 encoder counts per inch
  • Fast random positioning
  • Protection Circuits – Card Jam Detection


  • High Quality Nikon 60mm Macro lens
  • Extremely sharp focus
  • F2.8 to F32 Depth of field control
  • Even backlight all camera heights
  • Accepts Extension Tubes to lower Reduction Ratio


Film Pocket

  • Size 50mm x 35m
  • Cine/Comic
  • Cine/Comic
  • Multiple T-Card (1,2,3… images per card)

Input/Output (I/O)

  • USB 3.0/2.0: Front -2, Rear -4 plus USB-C
  • Dual Monitor output: VGA / DVI / HDMI
  • Mouse & Keyboard
  • LAN: Gigabit Ethernet



  • Feed rate 8 cards/ min
  • Scan rate 5,000/10,000 vertical lines/sec

Output File Format

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