Have The Experts In Your Corner

As a scanning bureau you may have opportunities to bid on scanning projects that involve types of microfilm that you do not have the equipment or knowledge to complete let alone cost correctly. This is where SunRise can assist and provide our expertise to help you not only win new business but successfully complete any film scanning element of the opportunity. With well over two decades of experience in the microfilm scanning industry and manufacturers of market leading scanning equipment we are well placed to provide a competitive edge and ensure success. SunRise can assist in a variety of ways, including equipment, resources and project management.

The Market Leading Microfilm Scanners

SunRise Imaging is the international market leader for high-performance microfilm digitising systems. SunRise scanners are used in more libraries, government agencies, archives, service bureaus and corporations than any other scanner in the world. Our scanners are available to purchase, hire or lease and we can advise on set-up, provide training along with ongoing maintenance and support.

Project Management and Costing

SunRise are able to evaluate microfilm quantities, establish the optimum image quality and settings required and provide timescales and costs. These variables are essential for producing a thorough and accurate proposal. Project management is key to a successful project. SunRise can establish the processes and procedures required to run the project and provide training and management that ensures the scanning team performs correctly. As a trusted partner we can create the project overview and your team will implement it or we can do so on your behalf.

Scanning The Microfilm

If resources or space is an issue SunRise can perform the scanning on your behalf. Our scanning team are vastly experienced and adhere to our strict policies relating to confidentiality and information security and in doing so provide complete peace of mind when taking on such projects.

  A Partner You Can Trust

For over a decade we have been partnering with scanning bureaus throughout the UK and Europe delivering successful digitisation projects. The foundation of our relationships is trust and our ability to go above and beyond all obstacles to ensure a winning partnership. For more information on how we can assist and the advantages of Partnering with Sunrise please contact Steven Godfrey today by email at [email protected]  by telephone on 020 8255 2011 or complete the contact form below